Coming soon… Israel InSight Magazine, the new magazine for Israel’s Christian friends. We have a preview issue, linked here, so you can get a taste of what we have in mind when the first print edition rolls off the presses (Subscribe today!). We’ve been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but will be launching by the end of the year.

There are many reasons Christians support Israel. And now, through this new magazine, we want to celebrate this powerful and unprecedented support for Israel and, as Jews in the Deep South, embrace it, honor it, empower it further and express our gratitude.

Our team at Southern Jewish Life, an award-winning regional Jewish community magazine based in Birmingham, is introducing Israel InSight.

In this new publication, we will highlight the amazing and selfless things that Christians throughout the South and beyond are doing to promote Israel, ensure its well-being, and sustain the miraculous ingathering of the exiles as we witness Jews from all over the world returning to their Biblical homeland.

Through our experienced news staff, we’ll also provide news and commentary that goes well beyond the often-superficial, and sometimes erroneous, coverage of Israel found in the mainstream media. We also will highlight the deep connections between Israel and the United States, through business, culture, cooperation and joint ventures.

We will also highlight American organizations that are doing great work in Israel, amazing things that Israel does around the world, and how one can get involved in a wide range of ways.

This website will become a regular source of news and an informational resource, and we will also have a weekly e-newsletter. And we have so much more planned…

For information on advertising in Israel InSight, contact us.

If you love Israel, come along on this journey, as a reader, subscriber and supporter. Israel InSight is in sight — and we can’t wait for you and others to take a look.