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As celebrations begin for Israel’s 75th anniversary, Israel InSight Magazine, the new print magazine for Israel’s Christian friends, is finally launching, and you won’t want to miss a single issue. Become a charter subscriber today! Click here to find out how to receive our Preview Issue, and you can go ahead and subscribe as well — to the subscriber-only online edition or in print!

The preview issue is also linked here, so you can get a taste of what we have in mind when the first regular print edition wraps before Spring. You will want to subscribe, because many features in the magazine will be available only to subscribers and not on our public website!

Israel InSight draws on over three decades of nationally award-winning experience covering Christian support of Israel, and Jewish-Christian relations. We believe that strengthening and guiding the two communities through this relationship is a crucial step toward a better future for Israel and deepened ties and enhanced understanding between Christians and Jews.

Israel InSight will include a vast array of stories unseen in any other publication. The magazine will recognize and celebrate the values and pro-Israel commitment that Jews and Biblically-inspired Christians share. It will also highlight the strong and diverse advocacy emerging as Jews and Christians work together on behalf of Israel in these hostile times.

Israel InSight educates by…

    Providing the whole story behind the often-misleading 30 seconds on the evening news.

    Dispelling myths about the Christian/Jewish relationship with Israel.

    Reporting unique stories about the impact U.S. groups have in Israel and Israeli groups have around the world.

    Bringing the real Israel to life and deepening the relationships among its supporters.

Israel InSight motivates by…

    Demonstrating time and again the blessings of the U.S.-Israel alliance.

    Exploring tangible ways readers can support Israel through volunteering and advocacy.

    Showing how to support Israeli businesses and fight boycotts.

Israel InSight celebrates by…

    Publishing articles about the special bond between America’s Christian community and the nation of Israel.

    Covering stories that reflect the miraculous positive transformation in Jewish-Christian relations over the last few decades.

This website will become a regular source of news and an informational resource, and we will also have a weekly e-newsletter. And we have so much more planned…

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If you have a heart for Israel, come along on this journey, as a reader, subscriber and supporter.

Israel InSight is in sight — and we can’t wait for you and others to take a look.