A Letter to Pro-Israel Students On Campus

Courtesy Students Supporting Israel

To Pro-Israel Students:

These past weeks weren’t easy for many of the students on campus.

What started with a large anti-Jewish vote at Illinois Urbana-Champaign declaring that, “anti-Zionism is not a form of anti-Semitism,” began a chain of events that proved that anti-Zionism IS, in fact, anti-Semitism.

At Benedictine University, a Students for Justice in Palestine member walked out and laughed at a Holocaust survivor in a matter of protest after he declared that what happened to the Jews in WW2 isn’t the same as what happens to Palestinians in Gaza today. The same SJP member publicly tweeted her support for a genocide against the Jewish people in 2017.

At the University of Minnesota, the National SJP conference took place while members of SJP covered up windows and walked in and out of the conference covering their faces like criminals. Inside the conference, presentations supported members of terrorist organizations. The University of Minnesota president issued a weak statement discussing freedom of speech and hate, without mentioning SJP.

At George Washington University, a video of a student was taken saying “we’re going to bomb Israel,” adding “Jewish pieces of sh**”. Words like that are often being said in many campuses, that incident just managed to go on record.

At Arizona State University an event with two Israeli soldiers was disrupted by SJP and the Socialist club, who held up signs calling for the support of the intifada. Intifada calls for the murder of Israeli Jews. ASU campus police needed to be involved, but were not.

At the University of Florida, dozens walked out on an IDF soldier speaking on campus. The former soldier invited the students to stay but they refused his offer.

Yesterday afternoon, at UC Santa Barbara, a mob of students led Intifada chants in the middle of campus calling for the murder of Jews. The hate in their voices and their eyes were screaming racism. Nothing was done about it.

At Warwick University in the UK, a mob of anti-Israel protestors tried to destroy a lecture of an Israeli officer that was responsible for saving the lives of thousands of Syrians. The mob showed support for the Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Assad, but not to the Syrians who were saved.

At York University in Canada, we have witnessed outrageous photos and videos last night of a terrorist mob physically attacking and assaulting pro-Israel students. Canadian police were forced to create a separation gap between the pro-Israel students and escort them to their cars in order to keep them safe. A fight broke out, and students were bullied and hurt. Our words cannot describe what students at York felt last night.

So when will our calls for the removal and banning of the anti-Israel groups on campuses be answered? Do we need students to be hospitalized, or worse, KILLED, in order for the universities to take action and protect our pro-Israel students?

Why do university administrators publish weak statements non-stop, but will not dare remove the radical voices from our campuses? Why do the Jewish and pro-Israel communities face hate and violence, while the universities defend terrorist students in the name of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Is there one standard of hate towards Jews and another towards everyone else? Clearly, there is. Is it ‘OK’ to hate and hurt Jews? It certainly appears that way.

In Europe, a march of hatred toward Jews started on university grounds in “academic settings,” where administrators failed to protect Jewish students, and allowed for the protest against them. The biggest haters were groomed on the university grounds.

The administrations in the UK, the U.S. and Canada have failed to protect pro-Israel students for years. Will any of that break us or make us take a step back? No, it will not.

We encourage pro-Israel students to double their activity on campuses and to increase their visibility on the ground. We encourage pro-Israel students to open the door to as many IDF speakers and soldiers as possible — they are always welcome on our campuses. SSI can help with bringing IDF soldiers to your campus — just let us know.

Pro-Israel students must realize that our events and activities on campuses are being presented as the strong and powerful side; the side that protects civilians against terrorists, the side that established a country in one of the most complex areas of the world, the side that freed the Jewish people from the diaspora and gave them a home.

Donors, it is time to pull your funds from the universities. If the administrations are afraid of bad publicity and empty pockets, show them that your dollars do not go to those who shy away from the mobs on campus that terrorize our communities and students.

Administrations, step up your game. These statements are weak. Suspend these anti-Israel groups and show them the door out. They are not welcome.

Students Supporting Israel will keep supporting pro-Israel students across North America. Our best answer to hate is simple — more Israel on campus, no fear.