Missouri Legislature working on ‘unequivocal’ support for Israel bill

State Capitol of Missouri. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

by Menachem Wecker

(JNS) — Mary Elizabeth Coleman knew she was visiting her Christian faith’s birthplace when she visited Israel last August. But beyond walking in the steps of Jesus, she also saw “why our country must stand with Israel in this dangerous part of the world,” she told JNS.

The Missouri state senator, who is currently running for Missouri secretary of state, introduced Missouri Senate Concurrent Resolution 24 on Jan. 11.

The bill, which “urges the U.S. Congress to offer full and unequivocal support of Israel for as long as it takes for Israel to bring justice for the unprovoked attacks on innocent civilians by Hamas,” passed the state Senate 30-0 on March 28.

“SCR 24 makes clear Missouri stands with Israel and condemns the brutal Oct. 7 terrorist attack by Hamas,” Coleman told JNS. “Supporting Israel is more imperative than ever as they strive to broaden the impact of the Abraham Accords and address the existential threats posed by Iran and its terrorist proxies.”

The resolution is concurrent with SCR 25, which “commends Israel for its cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with this state and the United States, supports Israel’s right to exist and further recognizes Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.”

Coleman said she was proud to see the state Senate “come together and speak in one voice on the need to stand with our ally.” The resolution “calls on the United States Congress to provide financial support for Israel in their fight against Iran’s terrorist proxy, Hamas,” she added.

The bill had a second read in the state House on April 2. Coleman is working with colleagues there to pass it and “send a clear message to our congressional delegation that Missourians stand with Israel,” she said.

“The world is a dangerous place, but it’s safer when the United States builds on our robust relationship with our key international ally,” she told JNS.

Coleman announced on March 26 that she was running for Missouri secretary of state.

“There is no more important job than protecting the integrity of our elections and our founding documents,” she told JNS. “The Missouri secretary of state office provides the best opportunity to serve all Missouri families and safeguard Missouri’s Constitution and election integrity efforts.”

Asked what, if any, role a Missouri secretary of state might have in policy related to the Jewish state, Coleman told JNS that “Israel is an important ally of the United States and a vital trading partner for Missouri.”

“I will always look for avenues to strengthen the relationship the United States and Missouri have with Israel,” she said.