Prominent Italian politician calls for embassy move to Jerusalem

מצורפת תמונה מטקס פתיחת קונסוליית כבוד של ישראל בפירנצה, שנערך היום (יום ד' 13.11). כיתוב: מימין לשמאל: קונסול הכבוד של ישראל בצפון איטליה מרקו קאראי, שגריר ישראל דרור אידר, מנהיג הלגה מתיאו סלביני, ר"ע פירנצה דריו נארדלה קרדיט לתמונה: קלאודיו ג'ובאניני (Claudio Giovannini).

Italian politician Matteo Salvini (left) and Israeli Ambassador to Italy Dror Eydar attend a ceremony in Florence, Nov. 13, 2019. Credit: Claudio Giovannini.

by Ariel Kahana

(Israel HaYom) — One of the most prominent politicians in Italy has called for the relocation of the Italian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Addressing a “Breakfast for Jerusalem” event on Oct. 13 at the Italian Senate — attended by coalition and opposition leaders, senators and Israelis Ambassador to Italy Dror Eydar — Senator Matteo Salvini declared: “The Jewish people and Jerusalem are one and the same, and therefore the relocation of the Italian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be the moral, cultural and politically obvious thing to do.”

After eliciting loud applause and even the support of a few other senators for his remarks, Salvini, who formerly served as Italy’s deputy prime minister, said he was speaking from the heart, and added, “The new, cowardly shape of anti-Semitism is no longer just the hatred of Jews, but towards Israel, and they are the same, as far as I am concerned.”

Eydar said, “Italy’s historic mission, which began at the San Remo conference, on the right of the Jewish people to their land, has not been completed. The Italian embassy in Israel is not located in its capital, in its natural place. I have a dream, and is it shared by many: to see the Italian flag waving in the eternal city.”

“The relocation of the Italian embassy to Jerusalem would be a closing of two circles, both in terms of modern Italy and in terms of this place, Rome, from which the Roman Empire’s troops set out to sack Jerusalem. After 1,900 years, recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel will come from here,” added Eydar.

This report first appeared in Israel Hayom.