World Games: Israel is first to sign memorandum with IWGA to promote non-Olympic sports

by Larry Brook

(Israel InSight) — On July 9, Israel’s Ayelet Federation of Non-Olympic Sport signed an historic agreement with the International World Games Association.

The Memorandum of Understanding will have Ayelet and IWGA “work more closely” to promote non-Olympic sports in Israel, with greater direct involvement with the individual sports federations under the Ayelet umbrella, Ayelet CEO Arik Kaplan said.

This is part of an effort to promote non-Olympic sports around the world, and it is expected that many more countries will be signing similar agreements.

“We are the first country and first organization to sign,” Kaplan said. “This is a great honor for the State of Israel and Ayelet.”

The agreement was signed by Kaplan and IWGA President Jose Perurena Lopez.