Why Christians and Jews are uniting worldwide in prayer for Israel on May 15

by Jonathan Feldstein

“Unprecedented.” “Monumental.” “Timely.” “Powerful.” These are just some of the words used to describe the upcoming Global Prayer for Israel on May 15, bringing thousands of Jews and Christians together from dozens of nations across the world to pray for Israel.

With Israel at war, and Christians standing with Israel and the Jewish people at levels that are historically unprecedented, Christians have begun experiencing, and resisting, the hate and persecution of Israel and the Jewish people that’s not vicarious but deeply personal. At the same time, more Jews have realized that among people around the world cursing and demonizing Israel, Christian support is indeed sincere, substantial, and important.

The significance of the Global Prayer for Israel has many dimensions. One of these is the date. May 15, 1948, is the day that Israel restored Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. Israel’s enemies tried to annihilate Israel from birth, and are still trying. Israel’s enemies refer to its establishment as the “Nakba,” the “catastrophe.” Still today, they aspire to destroy Israel. Israel’s enemies deny historic and Biblical truth, and say that Israel has no legitimacy.  We see that on Israel’s borders with Gaza and Lebanon, in Iran, and across American campuses.

Seven months after the inhuman Hamas massacre of October 7, the significance of Jews and Christians standing together has never been greater. Israelis and Jews around the world have never felt more alone in recent years. Other than Jews and Christians sharing the common faith that God hears and answers our prayers, Jews and Christians praying together is consequential and will demonstrate to Israelis, and Jews around the world, that they are not alone.

The six-hour program is being moderated by a group of notable Jewish and Christian leaders.

One of the moderators, Pastor Marion Ingegneri, president of Ministry Leader Network, set the unifying tone, “Israel is like a tattoo on my heart. I love the people, history, and culture. Our goal and passion is to provide a pathway of leadership development and empowerment for the men and women we serve. Placing my feet on the ground in Israel is a holy experience for me and for the leaders I serve. Haverim is the Hebrew word for friends. I am committed to Israel for many biblical reasons but also because I count the people of Israel among my treasured Haverim.”

Rabbi Jonathan Hausman has been involved in pro-Israel Evangelical-Jewish dialogue for 20 years.  “The Global Day of Prayer focuses on our joint worldview that Israel and the Jewish people have been a force for good in the world under and with Divine Providence as our objective guiding force.”

Gidon Ariel of Root Source added, “When Jews and Christians come together in prayer, it creates a power that cannot be overcome.”

While not a political but a prayer event, there’s an unavoidable reality of how Israel is being treated among the nations of the world, becoming a political issue. One of the themes is prayer for God to change the hearts of Israel’s enemies, a new front for which is American campuses.

Maayan Hoffman is editor-in-chief of ILTV News. Recognizing current events, she commented as one of the moderators, “The Global Prayer for Israel provides a vital chance for Israel supporters to unite tangibly. Given the current unprecedented international condemnation, including in the United States, I believe it’s crucial for friends of Israel to stand in solidarity with the Jewish state.”

Dr. Victoria Sarvadi is president of The Nathaniel Foundation, and recognized the same trend with a more spiritual tone, “As a deceptive anti-God spirit permeates over the Earth, even the Christian elect are succumbing to hate toward the Jewish people and the Jewish state. The question becomes how many apostate Christians will listen and “bite the apple”? True Covenant believing Jews and Christians must unite together and pray with perfect kavanah, intention, for God’s Kingdom to manifest as we witness Endtime prophecies coming to pass.”

Despite governments criticizing and threatening Israel, the Global Prayer for Israel represents a truly international grassroots movement of Jews and Christians coming together in all continents except Antarctica (so far).  Many are committed to wake up early in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for the final hours of the event.

Representing a grassroots organization with a strong presence in Asia, Shirley Burdick, founder of Ten Gentiles observed, “We did not imagine seeing the horror of the Holocaust again in our lifetime; or seeing the fierce antisemitism among youth all over the world.  It is critical for all who love God to stand together, to pray to Him to defeat this evil. And what a privilege it is to be able to pray with the Jewish people and beseech the God of Israel together for the protection of His people, for Israel’s victory over evil, and for His mercy and His light unto the gentile nations.”

Calling for all to participate, David Nekrutman, executive director of The Isaiah Projects appealed, “God has anchored His destiny with the Jewish nation and the geographic location of Israel. Until both are praises among all, Jews and Christians (must) fulfill our mandate to actualize them. Part of the journey requires us to pray together in order to properly understand how to fulfill these purposes. At a time where Jews are betraying their own, a vocal minority within the Church are supporting Hamas or many remain silent during this time, we need to hear His wisdom in moving forward together.”

“No other city has the honor of receiving concerted prayer, mandated by the God of Israel. Jews and Christians are equally compelled by Psalm 122; on this we stand! Join us!”  said L. Barrington Allen, founder of Total Life Victory.

The Global Prayer for Israel will take place on May 15 from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Israel time, noon to 6 p.m. Eastern time. Advance registration is required using the link here. It will also be streamed on the Genesis 123 Foundation YouTube channel.