Fighting Anti-Semitism

February 28, 2023

Antisemitism as the new form of “human rights”

An anti-Israel protest in London in June 2021. Credit: Loredana Sangiuliano/Shutterstock. by Fiamma Nirenstein (JNS) — Those who lament a recent incident in which a kippa-wearing Jewish boy in Turin, Italy was told by his classmates that, in an earlier […]
February 22, 2023

Archbishops call on Christians to fight antisemitism

Archbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana, the apostolic nuncio (ambassador) to Israel and Cyprus. Source: (JNS) — Catholic archbishops from around the world on Feb. 21 urged Catholics to actively fight the rise of antisemitism. The clergymen issued their call during […]
February 14, 2023

Their ancestors were Nazis. They now organize marches supporting Israel, fighting antisemitism.

“Uprising against Antisemitism,” the banner reads at a March of Life event in Germany. Credit: courtesy. by Etgar Lefkovits (JNS) — A Germany-based evangelical organization that commemorates the memory of the Holocaust by organizing marches around the world against antisemitism […]
February 8, 2023

Roger Waters: The Leni Riefenstahl of rock and roll

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Oct. 28, 2017. Credit: James Jeffrey Taylor/Shutterstock. by A.J. Caschetta (JNS) — Marcel Proust’s advice that people never meet their heroes lest they be disappointed fits to a T the […]
January 24, 2023

Leading global law firm Denton’s issues statement condemning antisemitism

Antisemitic graffiti at Etz Chayim in Huntsville on the first day of Passover, April 2020 by Richard Friedman Through an initiative that originated in Birmingham and Huntsville, Dentons, a worldwide law firm, recently released a statement condemning antisemitism and affirming […]
December 27, 2022

Christian Zionist groups slam Ye’s antisemitism

Christians United for Israel founder and chairman Pastor John Hagee delivers the benediction at the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, May 14, 2018. Source: Screenshot. by Bradley Martin (JNS) — Prominent Christian pro-Israel organizations are speaking out against […]
November 30, 2022

Palestinian activists on campus pushing genocidal, antisemitic agenda

by Kenneth Levin (JNS) — The Palestinian war against Israel has been a genocidal antisemitic undertaking from its origins and remains so today. Nonetheless, it enjoys substantial support in the U.S., especially in America’s most important institutional purveyor of antisemitism […]
January 17, 2022

AP insisting on false narrative that Texas attack had nothing to do with Jews

A reportedly armed assailant took Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, a married father of two who has served the synagogue since 2006, and three others hostage during Shabbat-morning services in a reported attempt to free a Pakistani woman who has ties with […]
January 16, 2022

Region’s neo-Nazis, supremacists love to cite Israeli paper Haaretz

by Yehezkel Laing (JNS) — A neo-Nazi website claims that Orthodox Jews treat women “like filth,” and says that doing so is commanded by Jewish law. The claim is backed up with quotes from an article from the far-left daily, […]
January 12, 2022

CAIR’s Islamist bigots in no position to accuse watchdog groups of hate

Sign at the building entrance to CAIR headquarters. Credit: DCStockPhotography/Shutterstock. by Jonathan Tobin (JNS) — In our increasingly woke world, the thing that mainstream institutions fear the most is to be labeled as insufficiently anti-racist. So when an organization that […]
December 29, 2021

Anti-Israel “cry-bullies” claim they are the victims

by Richard L. Cravatts (JNS) — As woke activists who are part of the cognitive war against Israel continue their campaign of slanders against the Jewish state, a curious thing has taken place: The self-righteous moral scolds who choose to […]