Fighting Anti-Semitism

January 17, 2022

AP insisting on false narrative that Texas attack had nothing to do with Jews

A reportedly armed assailant took Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, a married father of two who has served the synagogue since 2006, and three others hostage during Shabbat-morning services in a reported attempt to free a Pakistani woman who has ties with […]
January 16, 2022

Region’s neo-Nazis, supremacists love to cite Israeli paper Haaretz

by Yehezkel Laing (JNS) — A neo-Nazi website claims that Orthodox Jews treat women “like filth,” and says that doing so is commanded by Jewish law. The claim is backed up with quotes from an article from the far-left daily, […]
January 12, 2022

CAIR’s Islamist bigots in no position to accuse watchdog groups of hate

Sign at the building entrance to CAIR headquarters. Credit: DCStockPhotography/Shutterstock. by Jonathan Tobin (JNS) — In our increasingly woke world, the thing that mainstream institutions fear the most is to be labeled as insufficiently anti-racist. So when an organization that […]
December 29, 2021

Anti-Israel “cry-bullies” claim they are the victims

by Richard L. Cravatts (JNS) — As woke activists who are part of the cognitive war against Israel continue their campaign of slanders against the Jewish state, a curious thing has taken place: The self-righteous moral scolds who choose to […]
December 3, 2021

Council on American-Islamic Relations leader refers to most American Jews as “enemies”

Zahra Billoo speaks at the American Muslims for Palestine conference on Nov. 27. Screenshot. by Larry Brook At a major Muslim gathering in Chicago, the head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in San Francisco warned that most of the […]
August 14, 2021

You can’t claim to be “pro-Israel” while defending anti-Zionists

Rashida Tlaib in 2018. Credit: Stephanie Kenner/Shutterstock. by Jonathan Tobin (JNS) — It appears that Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) may have finally gone a bit too far even for some of her left-wing Jewish allies and apologists. Speaking at an […]
August 9, 2021

Op-Ed: It’s time to put United Church of Christ on trial for antisemitism

by Dexter Van Zile (CAMERA) — [In July], the United Church of Christ (UCC)’s General Synod passed a “peacemaking” resolution that declared Israel guilty of sins against the Palestinian people. The resolution repeats the narrative offered about the evils of […]
August 9, 2021

Israel’s L.A. Consul General collaborates with pastors in fighting antisemitism

Israel’s Consul General to Los Angeles Hillel Newman meets with Christian pastors from across Southern California. Credit: Israeli Consulate of Los Angeles. (JNS) — Hillel Newman, Israel’s Consul General to Los Angeles, convened a meeting last week with a dozen […]
August 5, 2021

“Jewish Voice for Peace” backs N.Y. rally calling for global Intifada

The anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) supported a pro-Palestinian rally in Brooklyn where protestors glorified uprisings against Israel. Source: Screenshot. (JNS) — The anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) supported a pro-Palestinian rally in Brooklyn, N.Y., over […]