Israel and the Palestinians

June 7, 2024

Shooting attack reveals uncomfortable truths about Israel’s options for peace

The Israeli town of Bat Hefer backdropped by the Palestinian city of Tulkarem, situated on the western edge of northern Samaria, Jan. 4, 2024. Photo by Shahar Yaari/Flash90. by Moshe Phillips Nobody in the State Department, or the United Nations, […]
June 1, 2024

“The day after”: What would an actual Palestinian state look like?

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken meets with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas in Amman, Jordan, on Oct. 13, 2023. Photo by Chuck Kennedy/U.S. State Department. by Eric R. Mandel (JNS) — The Biden administration, as well as almost every […]
May 31, 2024

Illegal occupation: Israel orders UNRWA to vacate unauthorized Jerusalem office on state land

Israelis protest against the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) outside one of its offices in Jerusalem, March 20, 2024. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90. by David Isaac (JNS) — The Israel Land Authority notified the U.N. relief agency UNRWA […]
May 30, 2024

A “Free Palestine” that student protestors would never wish upon themselves

A pro-Hamas protest encampment on the campus of Columbia University in New York City, April 22, 2024. Credit: Lev Radin/Shutterstock. by Jason Shvili (FLAME) — While “pro-Palestinian” demonstrators take full advantage of the privilege and freedoms that America offers — […]
May 28, 2024

Norway, Ireland and Spain: Is this what you had in mind when recognizing Palestine?

by Nan Jacques Zilberdik (Palestinian Media Watch) — Following Norway, Ireland, and Spain’s recognition of a Palestinian state, PA Chairman Abbas’ Fatah Movement published the above cartoon. It shows exactly what “Palestine” the PA and Fatah say, the European countries […]
May 23, 2024

After unilateral statehood push, Smotrich urges punitive steps against Palestinian Authority

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich leads a faction meeting of his Religious Zionism Party in Givat Harel, Feb. 14, 2023. Photo by Sraya Diamant/Flash90. by Akiva Van Koningsveld (JNS) — Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich on May 22 called for a […]
May 22, 2024

After UN vote, advisor to PA’s Abbas warns of “100 times” repeating Oct. 7-style attacks

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas displays a widely-debunked series of maps depicting the “loss of Palestinian land” at a meeting in Ramallah, Sept. 3, 2020. Photo by Flash90. (JNS) — A Palestinian Authority official warned on social media over the […]
May 11, 2024

“Almost” members: United Nations grants Palestinian representatives unprecedented rights

Gilad Erdan, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, shreds a page of the Charter of the United Nations as he addresses the resumed 10th Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly on “Illegal Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem and […]
March 15, 2024

Moonlighting: Palestinian Authority police perpetrate terrorism rather than fighting it

Palestinian Authority Security Forces at a checkpoint in the Samaria city of Nablus (Shechem), Nov. 3, 2007. Photo by Wagdi Ashtiyeh /Flash90. by Akiva Van Koningsveld (JNS) — Almost 80 members of the U.S.-trained and armed Palestinian Authority security forces […]
March 13, 2024

Israeli police: Half of “settler violence” reports are false, filed by left-wing groups

Left-wing protesters hold PLO flags in Huwara, near Nablus in Samaria, March 3, 2023. Photo by Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90. by Akiva Van Koningsveld (JNS) — Far-left Israeli groups are increasingly spreading false accusations against Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, causing […]
March 10, 2024

Holy month? Hamas, other jihadists have no problem attacking Jews during Ramadan

Muslims wave Hamas flags after Friday prayers during Ramadan on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, April 22, 2022. Photo by Jamal Awad/Flash90. by Bassam Tawil (Gatestone Institute) — International mediators and world leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, were hoping […]